Sportsprings 9-3 FWD

SportSedan 1.8t,2.0t,2.0T FWD manual /automatic F750003000
SportSedan 1.9TiD,TTiD,TTiD4 FWD manual F750003000
SportSedan 1.9TiD,TTiD,TTiD4 FWD automatic F750003100
SportSedan 2.8T FWD manual /automatic F750003100

SportCombi 1.8t,2.0t,2.0T FWD manual /automatic F750003700
SportCombi 1.9TiD,TTiD,TTiD4 FWD manual F750003700
SportCombi 1.9TiD,TTiD,TTiD4 FWD automatic F750003500
SportCombi 2.8T FWD manual F750003500
SportCombi 2.8T FWD automatic F750003600

Cabriolet 1.8t,2.0t,2.0T FWD manual /automatic F750003500
Cabriolet 1.9TiD,TTiD,TTiD4 FWD manual F750003600
Cabriolet 1.9TiD,TTiD,TTiD4 FWD automatic F750003800
Cabriolet 2.8T FWD manual F750003600
Cabriolet 2.8T FWD automatic F750003800

It was difficult to optimize the sport chassis of the Saab 9-3. None of the spring/shock absorber combinations which were initially tested were able to outperform the Saab Original Sports Suspension. In the end, only by lowering the centre of gravity while keeping very close to the original sports suspension was a result achieved which lived up to the high expectations of the typical Swiss perfectionism at Hirsch Performance: even better driving dynamics and an even sportier shape.

At 20 mm lower than the Saab Sport Suspension, the car gains a sporty, purposeful look. The sports suspension’s lowered centre of gravity also gives you a clear advantage in driving dynamics, improving both braking and cornering performance. The lowered stance also reduces the aerodynamic drag by covering more of the wheels, and improves high speed stability through reduced aerodynamic lift thanks to the reduced ground clearance.

Installation 9-3 sportsprings FWD v3