Sportsuspention 9-5 2002-2010

Sportsuspention 9-5 2002-2010 (without self-levelling rear dampers)

Limousine 2002-2010 E780001000
Combi 2002-2010 E780002000
Not available for US and Canada marked.

The suspension kit for the Saab 9-5 contains lowered, progressive springs and matching shock absorbers. At 15mm lower than the Saab Sport Suspension, the car gains a sporty, purposeful look. The sports suspension’s lowered centre of gravity also gives you a clear advantage in driving dynamics, improving both braking and cornering performance. The lowered stance also reduces the aerodynamic drag by covering more of the wheels, and improves high speed stability through reduced aerodynamic lift thanks to the reduced ground clearance. The progressive spring setting allows an even more comfortable ride in normal traffic, yet offering a significantly improved body control for dynamic high speed driving.

Version for the 9-5 Sedan from MY02 onwards withourt leveling system.

Installation 9-5 suspention kit