Our Profile

At the Hirsch Performance development centre in Switzerland, Saab cars are brought to a new level of performance and style.
As the sole official partner of NEVS AB for performance upgrades, Hirsch Performance offers a full range of performance packages and sporty accessories, all with unaffected Saab factory warranty.

The principle of “form follows function” serves as guideline for all product development at Hirsch Performance.
With typical Swiss perfection, the engineers at Hirsch Performance create a range of innovative Saab-characteristic products that demonstrate extreme reliability and versatility. All products and services, from performance upgrades through to alloy wheels are manufactured exclusively for the high-quality Swedish marque.

More powerful, more dynamic, more elegant – and even more enjoyable to drive.
The Hirsch Performance products enjoy critical acclaim from Saab drivers and car experts all over the world, inspiring Hirsch Performance to continue creating performance upgrades and accessories that exceed the already high expectations.


The key to the outstanding achievements of Hirsch Performance is specialist knowledge.
Product development is in the hands of a team of engineers with up to 20 years’ experience of working with Saab vehicles. They take current market and technology trends into account in their constant efforts to develop new and improved products. Valuable feedback and ideas are also obtained from ongoing dialogues with manufacturers, dealers and the worldwide Saab community.

A high-tech infrastructure and strict quality management provide a solid foundation for cutting-edge product development.
The modern development centre which includes two rolling road dynamometers and an engine test cell makes it possible to perform accurate measurements and simulate extreme conditions, such as high outside temperatures, low barometric air pressure or poor fuel quality. The robustness designed under extreme laboratory conditions is then verified under real-life conditions in exhaustive road tests. The minute attention to detail during the quality assurance process results in a level of all-round practicality that matches that of standard models, i.e. the same smooth power delivery, unaltered servicing intervals and the same – or even lower – fuel consumption.

The areas of competence represented within Hirsch Performance includes all aspects of automobile development:
Hirsch Performance develops engine performance upgrades, exhaust systems, suspension systems, brakes, wheels, interiors, aerodynamics and fully customised Saab models. This comprehensive competence makes Hirsch Performance an important partner for the manufacturer, importers and dealers of the Saab premium marque.

Our Philosophy

As Saab’s exclusive performance upgrade partner, Hirsch Performance designs products that emphasize the Saab brand values.
All products are designed to ensure that the fundamental characteristics of the original remain intact. What Hirsch Performance does is to emphasise and reinforce these qualities – without compromise in terms of reliability and practicality for normal everyday use.

Upgraded performance and sporty accessories accentuate the original Saab characteristics.
Hirsch Performance brings out the best in this high-quality brand – even more driving pleasure, even more individuality and even more style. Form is never just an end in itself; it is always a consequence of function. For instance, although the Hirsch Performance spoilers are unmistakeably stylish, their design was initially established in wind-tunnel tests.

Hirsch Performance combines sports car performance and everyday practicality.
Meeting legal standards is only the minimum requirement in product development at Hirsch Performance. Intensive laboratory and road tests ensure that the driveability, safety aspects and economic efficiency of the standard version are retained. The standard servicing intervals remain unchanged. All warranty obligations remain in force and Hirsch Performance vehicles can be serviced throughout the entire Saab service network.


Together with affiliated companies Hirsch and Hirsch Ruckstuhl, Hirsch Performance has a history of success that goes back for almost 40 years. Originally established in 1967 as a Saab dealership, the organisation has grown to become a Saab competence centre with activities that stretch far beyond the borders of Switzerland.